2018 -2019 Dance Class Schedule

Starts from 8/11/2018


Time Level Class
5:30-6:30pm Age: 6-9 Latin
6:30-7:30pm Age: 10+ Latin
7:30-8:45pm Adult/teenage Latin


Time Level Class
5:00-6:00pm Stretch and Muscle Work
6:00-7:30pm Age 7-9 Rehearsal(Chinese)
7:45-8:45pm Adult Latin


Time Level Class
5:00-6:00pm Stretch and Muscle work
5:00-7:00pm Level 1 A Ballet& Chinese
6:00-7:30pm 10+ Contemporary
7:00-8:00pm Adult/teenage K-pop
8:00-9:00pm Adult Latin


Time Level Class
4:30-5:30pm Age: 5-7 Hip hop
4:30-5:30pm Level 1B Ballet
5:30-7:30pm Level 2A Ballet & Hip Hop
5:30-7:30pm Level 3A Ballet & Hip Hop
7:00-8:30pm Adult Latin


Open rehearsal & Private Lesson Day (Extra rehearsal if needed & sign up for Private lessons)


Time Level Class
11:00-12:00am Beginner Pre-Ballet
12:00-12:30pm Beginner Dance
1:00-3:00pm Level 1A a Ballet& Chinese
1:00-3:00pm Level 1A b Ballet& Chinese
3:30-5:30pm Level 2B Ballet& Chinese
3:00-6:00pm Level 3B Ballet& Chinese


Time Level Class
10:00-11:00am Age: 6-8 Latin
11:00-12:00pm Adult/teenage K-pop
12:00-1:00pm Adult Latin
1:30-3:30pm Level 1 A + Ballet& Chinese
1:30-3:30pm Level 2 A + Ballet& Chinese
3:30-5:30pm Level 3 A + Ballet

* This schedule is subject to change, based on enrollment. Minimum of 6 students are required per class.

* Rehearsal & Private lessons can be scheduled at the time slot with no class. Sign up is required at the front desk.

Ages for classes are as follows:


Beginner Age 4-5
Level 1 Age 5.5-7
Level 2 Age 7.5-9
Level 3 Age 9.5-11
Level 4 Age 11-13
Level 5 Age 14-17

Class Schedule

Level Class level Class per week Type Class Day
Beginner Age 4-5 1 hour (required) Ballet or Chinese Sat.
Level 1 Age 5.5 -7 B 1 hour (required) Ballet Mon. or Tue.
A 2 hours (required) Ballet+Chinese Wed. or Sat.
A+ 2 hours (required) Ballet+Chinese Sun.
Level 2 Age 7.5-9 B 2 hours (required) Ballet+Chinese Sat.
A+ 4 hours (required) Ballet+Chinese

Ballet+Hip Hop

Tue. + Sun.
Level 3 Age 9.5-11 B 4 hours (required) Ballet Class
Mon. + Sat.
A+ 6 hours (required) Ballet Class
Ballet+Hip Hop
Level 4 Age 11-13 A+ 7 hours (required) Ballet Class 2.0H
Ballet+Chinese 2.0H
Ballet+Contemporary 3.0H
Wed. +Fri. + Sun.
Kids& teenage’s Latin Mon. or Thu. or Fri. or Sun.
Adult/ teenage K-pop Mon. or Wed.or Fri.or Sun.
Adult Latin Tue. or Wed. or Thu. or Fri.

* Regarding the class level, level A is higher than level B

“A+” is the Sunday Ballet Class taught by principal Mr. Wei and partners.