Star Way Dance 秋季招生开始了!课表可在以下链接看到。
Star Way Dance 新学期新加入多名优秀的教师,教师背景见学校网站http:/。Summer camp 期间,部分孩子们已经提前感受到新的舞种课程及新老师的教学。请大家关注最新更新的课表。
8/12-8/18 可在学校现场报名咨询详情,
工作时间:周末2:00-6:00 pm , 周中4:00-7:00 pm 。
谢谢, 如有任何问题请与我们联系。


The registration of Fall semester for Star Way Dance Academy has begun. Course schedule can be found at the following link.
In this Fall semester, we have several new excellent dance teachers and added new dance classes. Their experiences and background can be found at dance school website http:/  . In this summer camp, some students already experienced classes of a new type of dance and teaching from new teachers. Please check with the attached updated course schedule for the most current information.
There will be the on-site registration at dance school from August 12 (Saturday) to August 18 (Friday).  Details are as follows:
Event:    On-site Registration
Where:   At dance school
When:    August 12 to August 18,
             4:00-7:00 pm  weekday
             2:00-6:00 pm  weekend
For online registration, please contact (832)410-6666 for details.
Our school is located at
4875 Highway 6 Ste. A

Missouri City, TX 77459